About the Institute

The Alba Reyes Sagiv – Skin and Hair Transplant Institute

– was established in the year 1999 in the Dominican Republic – to use the latest surgical techniques and help patients get full hair restoration with a personalized treatment.

We ensure that each and every patient receives personalized individual attention from Dr. Alba Reyes in the institute. Unlike at most other franchise and high volume facilities that are common in the US, Canada and Europe, with us you will enjoy the peace of mind, knowing in advance that only Dr. Reyes will do your surgical procedure.

To offer the best and most secure treatment, the institute has a very modern facility – employing the latest technology in hair surgery and medicine to achieve a totally natural result.

  • The technique that is used for treating most patients is the MSFU (Mega session Follicular Units transplant) and a more recent version of it is what only a few surgeons (worldwide) have the capacity to perform the SMSFU (Super Mega session Follicular Units transplant), in which thousands of hair follicles can be transplanted in a single procedure lasting five to ten hours.

The institute offers one of the newest (and for various cases, the most effective) technique of FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). This technique requires a very skilled surgeon to extract the follicles directly from the scalp, with high success rate.

  • The procedure consists of repopulating the balding areas with those hair follicles from your own head (donor area) that are not affected by the balding process.
  • Advantages of this technique is that there is no need of the traditional linear incision at the back of the scalp. It leaves very small marks in the donor area and physical activities can be resumed rapidly. The tiny incisions of this surgery heal within a week.
  • Once integrated, these follicles grow exactly the same as the rest of your hair, which means that you can cut it, dye it, perm it, or cosmetically treat it in the same way as you would treat your healthy hair.

About the Institute

Highly Trained Staff: Dr. Reyes has trained all staff to the highest professional standards. Our trained staff assist the surgeon in preparing thousands of grafts for hair transplantation using the latest technology advances like German made stereoscopic microscopes and special storage solution to increase the survival life rate of the grafts.

All the cutting tools are used only once and then destroyed. We act according to the highest standards for instrument usage and sterilization, which you will expect from a reputed surgeon and a profesional institute.


For examples/demonstration of successful results, please see our Hair Transplant Case Studies. And we invite you to read our Patient Testimonials.

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