Dr Alba Reyes has expertise in the treatment of all types of hair loss.

She is a highly-qualified and recognised American Board certified surgeon for hair transplant surgery.

She is famous in many countries for giving excellent results for her patients, which include celebrities, politicians and business men and women.

Dr Alba Reyes and her team can transplant over 5000 grafts (1, 2 and 3 hairs per graft) in one procedure (while her team can do much more, there is often a constraint in the donor area).

To learn more about our hair loss expertise, please see the pages on the left column.

Sleeving Donor’s strip

(to extract Hair Follicles to be used for the Hair Transplant)

Graft Preparation Video

(preparing the grafts for the Hair Transplant Surgery)

For examples/demonstration of successful results, please see our Hair Transplant Case Studies. And we invite you to read our Patient Testimonials.

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about Hair Transplant Surgery. To ask your specific questions, please Contact Us or request a Free Consultation on your case.



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