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Dr Alba Reyes

Alba Reyes, M.D.

Welcome To Dr. Alba Reyes Sagiv Skin and Hair Transplant Institute

The Skin and Hair Transplant Institute was established in the year 2000 to use the latest surgical techniques and offer full hair restoration with personalized care.

Our vision is to ensure that each patient is fully satisfied with his/her results, and receives individual attention, thereby distinguishing us from other franchise and high volume facilities.

To ensure state of the art quality care, we feature one of the most modern facilities available in comfort, equipment, and sterilization — all in a tropical island setting of the Dominican Republic, which is just a few hours by flight from the USA.


  • Dedicated to Hair Transplants since 1999, Trusted by Patients worldwide, with Great Results by Dr. Alba Reyes.


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I am very happy with the procedure and I was very amazed on how loving and caring Dr. Alba Reyes is. Just by talking to her you can feel that she cares for her patients and wants to do the very best job that she can. I will always remember her and always be grateful.

— A Satisfied Patient

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hair-wikimediaMicro-Grafts transplant

The micro-grafts are parts of the scalp containing one, two or three follicular units. Micro-grafts have four to eight follicles. These small units allow obtaining hair a natural look, replacing the look of doll hair or toothbrush that has always been associated with hair transplant surgery.

Dr. Alba Reyes Sagiv micro-grafts placed 1 or 2 small incisions receptor hairs (0.5 mm-0.9 mm) throughout the scalp, generally in line with the birth of hair to give an attractive and naturally.

Then apply 2 or 3 micro-grafts behind the hairline hair for better density. With this technique, experience and unique artistic strategy of Dr. Alba Reyes Sagiv, natural look is achieved.

mundoDoes it make sense to travel abroad for hair transplant?

Yes, it does, if you want to achieve the best results by the hands of a world leading hair transplant surgeon. Our packages include hotel accommodation, airport pick up and return, and other benefits to make your stay comfortable and memorable.



  • Celebrities visiting the Dominican Republic

    Celebrities visiting the Dominican Republic

    For a long time the Dominican Republic has been a hot spot for tourists and celebrities from across the globe. Many come to enjoy a few weeks in the sun, and enjoy the colorful Caribbean atmosphere that can be found in the Dominican Republic. The Dominican Republic has been a favorite destination for tourist looking

  • Hair Transplant Photo Gallery

    Hair Transplant Photo Gallery

    Dr Alba Reyes has helped thousands of patients to get back a youthful look. She has successfully handled complex hair transplants with experience in all types of hair loss. Below you can see a hair transplant photo gallery showing the results of the successful hair transplant.   Please Note: No stylist, make-up artist, or any

  • Hair Transplant Surgery Testimonial by Christian Carabias

    Hair Transplant Surgery Testimonial by Christian Carabias

    The video of Christian Carabias testimonial about hair transplant surgery performed at Alba Reyes Hair Transplant Institute. ———————– For examples/demonstration of successful results, please see our Hair Transplant Case Studies. And we invite you to read our Patient Testimonials. Check out the Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about Hair Transplant Surgery. To ask your specific questions, please Contact Us or



Is hair transplant surgery really effective?

Yes. Hair transplant surgery has been successfully carried out over the last 35 years. It is a recognized medical procedure in the medical profession. The only variable factor is the resulting quality. Thelatest advances in the use of micro grafts (follicular units), used in our institute have dramatically improved the results of hair transplant surgery. We guarantee the results of the procedure as long as the patient follows the pre and post-operative instructions. Please see more questions and answers here: