We are proud to offer the latest hair loss genetic tests at our clinic.

It is the first such test to detect the risk of androgenetic alopecia much before hair loss becomes visible.

Early detection or prediction of hair loss can help in recommending the most effective medication to prevent future hair loss and baldness.

As we all know, genetic science is evolving in a rapid pace. As a world leading clinic in Hair Transplant Surgery, we aim to offer the benefits of the latest hair loss treatments to our patients.

Our clinic uses the latest advances in human genetics for understanding the genetic basis of hair loss occurrence and the genetic basis of response to hair loss treatments.

The genetic test for Hair Loss is a screening test for pattern hair loss (Androgenetic Alopecia). The objective of the screening test is to identify Androgenetic Alopecia prior to the onset of symptoms, so that treatment can be initiated at a time when medication and nutrition has a chance of success to prevent baldness.

This expertise in genetic tests helps our patients because they can start hair loss treatments much before hair loss is visible. And we can recommend the best hair loss medication based on the test results.

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