We offer the latest genetic tests for predicting Hair Loss and Finasteride Response for doctors.

• With our Genetic Test for Hair Loss, you will be able to better understand your patient’s risk for Androgenetic Alopecia (AGA) and thus provide the treatment for hair loss at a time when it can be most effective, which is before the loss of hair is noticeable.

• With our Genetic Tests for Finasteride response, you can significantly increase the accuracy of your prediction for finasteride response for each patient. It will be very helpful for your patients, because many patients hesitate to use finasteride if they are not fully sure that it will benefit them, as they fear sexual side effects.

Our genetic test is a low cost, noninvasive, easy application, and easily reproducible, it could attract potential patients to their doctors seeking advice. People in the family and network of the patient can also gain confidence and become willing to investigate their risk and options for hair loss and treatments.

To learn more about our hair loss genetic tests, and how you can get them for your clinic, please contact us.



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